Miss Elena is One Month

one month

I cannot believe it has already been over a month since the Easter Bunny had brought our sweet daughter Elena home to us. Since this post is her one month post I will be posting all her info from her "one month-iversary" on the 21st of May. But no more waiting let's get down to business and see how much our little Ellie Belly has grown

Elena One Month

Age: 1 month

Height: I was squirming around so mommy couldn't get an accurate measurement so I'm roughly 20.5" tall

Weight: I weighed 7 pounds on the dot when I was born and now I am up to 8lbs 3oz. I really do love to eat and grow big and strong

Hair: Both mommy and daddy thought I'd be a blondie like they were as a baby and just like big brother Bentley but as of now my hair is a light brown just like daddies

Eyes: Blue with a little bit of a grey tint, we're hoping they stay blue!

Eating: Boy oh boy do I love to eat, I am currently drinking 4oz roughly every 2-5 hours. Mommy tried breastfeeding me but unfortunately, I was not gaining any weight so we had to supplement then mommy started making less milk so now we supplement with her boobie milk

Sleeping: If there's one thing that proves I'm mommy's mini (well besides the obvious of me coming out of her) is how much I love my sleep. Since I was roughly 1-week old I only woke up once in the middle of the might to eat, again around 6-7 then I go back to bed and sleep until after Bentley wakes up mommy and daddy

Favorite Things: I absolutely love my swing, not only does it have a pretty and sparkly pink chandelier to look at, it sings to me, vibrates and keeps me moving - because I really don't like to sit still (unless I'm being cuddled!)

Special Moments: Getting to meet all of my family in Windsor. Asides from me and Bentley mommy and daddy both don't have family living in the same city. I was lucky enough for my Glamma, Grandpa and Uncle Chris to come to see me the day I was born then my Grandpa and Great Grandma and other Great Grandma came over the next few weeks and we took my first road trip to meet everyone else on Daddy's side right before I turned 1 month. So far only my Aunt has come to visit from Mommy's side, but I am looking forward to our super long road trip to meet everyone else later this month!!

Least Favorite Things: Do you know how Tinkerbell will die if she doesn't get attention? That's basically me if I am awake and I'm not being paid attention to were going to have a BIIIIIG problem - some might say I'm spoiled. I also don't like when the wipes are a little chilly and man those hiccups, don't even get me started.

Until next month, lots of love


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